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E-Book: Privacy For Humans

Privacy for Humans was written for you.


My ebook was designed to foster an open and optimistic conversation around how we can grow with technology and balance the power of our networked world with human values. Privacy for Humans is a guide for technology lovers who want to embrace the future with enhanced awareness of data privacy and security issues.


Privacy for Humans is not a jargon-heavy guide written for IT and security professionals.

Instead, it offers a mental framework designed to benefit everyone from the boardroom to the book club. The book is designed with conversation in mind, and it is designed to facilitate a safe, engaging space for people of all walks of life to learn about privacy and security and share their concerns and ideas openly with one another.


You need to read this. The world is changing and YOU need to remain in charge of your life's privacy settings. This book is a helpful guide to both THINK about it...and DO SOMETHING about it.


 I found Privacy for Humans to be a nightlight in the darkness; through the use of simple explanations and diagrams, the book suggests the adoption of a "mindfulness" approach and suggests steps you can take to protect yourself. Even if you ultimately decide you want to share your data, this book will help you make that a choice instead of a default.

-Deborah Davis

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