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Speaking Events

Alexandra is regularly tapped to speak on podcasts, webinars and panels around the country on privacy, data security and data ethics issues. She has appeared at Autodesk University and technology conferences, and presented and moderated at IAPP, PLI and RSA events. Below is a partial list of her speaking engagements.


2024 Speaking Events

Speak Your Mind Unapologetically Podcast: Empower Your Team in Conflict

2023 Speaking Events

WLDA Fireside Chat: AI Ethics

OneTrust LinkedIn Live - Privacy and AI regulation in the U.S. 

The AI Talk Show With Asha Saxena - AI & Regulation

ACC Cybersecurity Summit - Cyber Insurance - What Does it Really Cover?

WLDA Candid Conversations - AI Governance: Conversations with C Staff and the Board of Directors

IAPP Global Privacy Summit - AI & Ethical Technology

IAPP Global Privacy Summit - Cybersecurity: Advancing Engagement with C-Staff and the Board of Directors

IAPP Global Privacy Summit - Roadmap to a Unified State Privacy Law Compliance Program

TROPT Data Privacy Week 2023 - Developments in ESG: Opportunities for Privacy Governance 

WISP Data Privacy Day -Intersection of Privacy & Security

The Data Diva Talks Privacy Podcast - Episode 114

2022 Speaking Events

CIO/CISO Bay Area Summit -  Setting the Tone at the Top and Allying with Legal 

IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk 2022 -  Managing Cyber Crises: Emerging Security Threats & Best Practices 

IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2022 -  Keeping Pace with Privacy: Staying on Track to Stay on Top 

ReWork Trusted AI Summit -  Building AI Responsibly From the Ground Up 

RSA - Designing a Data Ethics and Privacy Program for AI/ML

Legal Gorilla - Importance of Data Security in 2022 

IAPP Global Summit - Building A Global Privacy Program That Performs


IAPP Global Summit - Evaluating Algorithms: Incorporating Privacy and Ethics into AI/ML Projects


Notes to My Legal Self - Trusted Advisor podcast episode


Privacy+Security Forum - Emerging Privacy Tech Industry Workshop


Privacy+Security Forum - Integrated Incident Response


LegalWeek2022 - Data Ethics: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


ReWork Deep Learning Summit - Best Practices for Building A Data Ethics Program

2021 Speaking Events

She Said Privacy / He Said Security podcast episode – Ethical Privacy Practices for Businesses

TROPT Webcast: Defining the Privacy Landscape w/ Alexandra Ross

IAPP PSR – Building a Data Ethics Ethics Program to Enable Trusted Data Practices

TrustWeek 2021 – Regulation Roundup: Planning Your Privacy Strategy After a Whirlwind Year of Regulations

Legal Week: Top 5 Global Privacy Priorities

An Existential Crisis for Global Data Flows: Privacy & Security Issues

IAPP - The Great Privacy Patchwork

IAPP - Security and Privacy -The Yin and Yang of Effective Enterprise Data Governance


Linkedin Live

Video: Dark Patterns – A Conversation with Elkina, Ross, and Solove

2020 Speaking Events


DataGrail – Grailcast

One Trust Data Guidance The Art of Privacy - Alexandra Ross on Privacy Risk Frameworks

IAPP P.S.R. ERM 2.0: Driving Business Strategy & Operations in Alignment with Privacy

Privacy & Security Spring Academy – Employee Contact Tracing, Public Safey and Data Ethics


RSA Conference 2020

Biometric Data: Power, Promise and Privacy Challenge


2019 Speaking Events

2019 OneTrust interview


IAPP Data Protection Congress

From GDPR to CCPA and Beyond: Adapting a GDPR Programme for Global Data Privacy Laws

Women in Litigation Palo Alto Forum 2019

Protecting Privacy

Women, Diversity & Change

Lessons Learned From Female and Minority Leaders, Litigators and Deal-Makers

PLI Institute on Privacy and Data Security Law 2019

The Protectors: CPOs, CISOs and the Problem of Compliance Overload

MCCA Global Tec Forum



2018 Speaking Events


IAPP P.S.R 2018

Global Workplace Diversity: Meeting Company Goals While Protecting Privacy

CARU West Coast Conference 2018

CARU West Coast Conference 2018 – Practical Tips for App Developers


2017 Speaking Events


TrustArc Privacy Risk Summit

Operationalizing Legal Theory – How to Mobilize a GDPR Program

IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2017

Practical and Risk-Based GDPR Compliance in an Uncertain Environment

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