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Announcing the Release of PRIVACY FOR HUMANS ebook

Have you ever felt the Internet has reduced you to your social media profiles?

Do you feel the only way to embrace new technology is to hand over your personal information? Are you worried something essentially human has been lost in the rapidly expanding landscape of networked devices, cloud computing, and widespread surveillance?

If so, PRIVACY FOR HUMANS was written for you.

My new ebook was designed to foster an open and optimistic conversation around how we can grow with technology and balance the power of our networked world with human values. PRIVACY FOR HUMANS is a guide for technology lovers who want to embrace the future with enhanced awareness of data privacy and security issues.

PRIVACY FOR HUMANS is not a jargon-heavy guide written for IT and security professionals. Instead, it offers a mental framework designed to benefit everyone from the boardroom to the book club. The book is designed with conversation in mind, and it is designed to facilitate a safe, engaging space for people of all walks of life to learn about privacy and security and share their concerns and ideas openly with one another.

In PRIVACY FOR HUMANS you’ll learn…

• How to cultivate “Privacy Awareness” in order to make more informed decisions about personal privacy

• All about the fundamental definitions of “Privacy,” “Security” and “Personal Information,” as well as common myths around privacy such as “You don’t need privacy unless you have something to hide,” and “Our privacy is already an illusion.”

• Privacy practices to help you “make sure it’s legit before you submit”

• The ways we can all deal with technology-related stress and information overload by employing the mindful use of technology

• The mindset which pushes back against the age of oversharing and gives you the confidence to assert “being private is OK”

• Strategies for reinforcing your sense of self beyond your “online life”

Ordinary people everywhere care about privacy, but in this ever-changing experiment we understand as the modern internet-connected world there are few handholds for us to gain some much needed perspective. How can we all play a role in a future where privacy is protected as a fundamental right?

PRIVACY FOR HUMANS is both a tool and companion to help us get a grip on the way upward and onward.

We hope you enjoy PRIVACY FOR HUMANS. We invite you to join us as we cultivate a conversation around the ways technology and our humanity can flourish side by side.

PRIVACY FOR HUMANS is available now on Amazon (coming soon on Apple and Barnes & Noble).

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