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Creative Gifts for the Privacy-Conscious


Following up on The Privacy Guru guide to privacy-positive holiday purchases, let’s take a look this week at some fun and creative gifts for the privacy-conscious. Giving the gift of privacy isn’t always restricted to the latest tech gadgets. Jewelry, fashion, and even educational and inspirational presents are perfect ways to acknowledge you appreciate how much others value their security and privacy.

Two-Factor Authentication Within Reach

One of the rising stars in object-based two-factor authentication is YubiKey. This USB widget makes two-factor authentication more secure. According to Yubico, creator of the YubiKey,

“The YubiKey offers strong authentication with one touch or tap. Unlike two-factor authentication using SMS, the YubiKey does not require network connectivity or access to a mobile device. Just touch or tap the YubiKey to authenticate.”

While it’s handy enough to attach to a keychain or slip into a wallet, one clever Etsy engineer came up with a brand new way for the fashion-forward to keep their YubiKey handy: A pair of earrings.

“[Samantha Goldstein] laser cut wood and acrylic for the base, and then used sterling silver for the posts. The key slides into the base portion for safe keeping.”

Goldstein has also integrated other tech-tools into clothing and fashion, including RFID rings and necklaces to replace work badges.

Keep Your Info Close with a Clutch

You might not mind leaving your house without a wallet or purse, but if you’re like most people, you absolutely never leave the house without your smartphone.

Clutch is a smartphone security strap which offers more than a handy way to keep your phone from taking unexpected spills. It also holds up to three cards, giving you an easy way to tote your ID, credit card, and transit pass. But that’s not all. Clutch also includes built-in RFID shielding, making it difficult for hackers to snoop info from your cards. Clutch is a clever way to provide physical and information security.

Go Incognito with Privacy Protective Clothing

Let us not forget that fashion designers have long been at work developing clothing which allows us to preserve our privacy and shield us from prying eyes.

Back in 2016 we featured privacy protective clothing, including the ISHU scarf, designed to block flash photography.

As facial recognition technology becomes even more prevalent, we are sure to see designers build on past attempts to offer individuals privacy in public. Who on your holiday list might like to dodge the paparazzi, or simply subtract themselves from the holiday office party photos?

Give the Gift of Privacy Awareness

There are other artistic ways you can promote privacy this holiday season. Enlightening others about the complexities and possibilities with regards to personal security and data protection is an ideal way to show you care.

If you like the coverage The Privacy Guru blog provides, why not share it with others? Consider the Privacy Guru ebook available on Apple iTunes and Amazon. There are also t-shirts, tote bags, wall art, and phone cases featuring many of the privacy-based memes featured in our articles.

If all of these artistic takes on privacy inspire you, you might want to try your hand at adding your own creative contribution to the mix. Right now Mozilla is funding grants for the creative expressions of privacy. Who knows… you might just be the next big thing in elevating the discussion about our right to privacy.

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