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Welcome from Alexandra Ross, The Privacy Guru

When was the last time you felt you made a genuinely informed decision about your privacy online? Are your online values consistent with your offline beliefs? Are you conscious of how much personal information you’re sharing?

My mission is to champion privacy awareness and demystify privacy issues for you. I hope to stimulate your curiosity and deepen your understanding about privacy and data protection. Nothing about online privacy choices should be beyond your control, and to ensure that, I want to help you cultivate mindfulness as a part of how you share online.

Privacy isn’t something we must trade away to engage in the ever-growing array of social technology in our lives. As a privacy attorney, I’ve counseled and educated clients on privacy and data protection issues as we’ve worked together to build privacy compliant products and services.

Along the way, I’ve noticed a striking gap in people’s awareness and understanding of fundamental privacy issues. While companies may strive to incorporate privacy choices into product design, many users still don’t know what to look out for when sharing personal information.

For me, mindfulness is at the core of my professional and personal life. While you certainly don’t need to meditate or strike a yoga pose before you post on social media, I believe a privacy practice formed through focused, deliberate attention and awareness is a valuable resource to draw on as social technologies find their way deeper and deeper into our everyday lives.

By aligning my offline values with my online values, I have been able to ground my choices in a meaningful privacy practice. I hope I can help you navigate technology and social media the same way. Please enjoy and share the posts from my site and do send me any comments, questions, or other feedback.

Let’s share mindfully!


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